Challenges of Urban Agriculture: Highlights on the Czech and Slovak Republic Specifics

English Copyediting and Proofreading in Prague, Czech Republic

by Barbora Duží, Attila Tóth, Mária Bihuňová, Robert Stojanov”.

Another job for Togga, spol. s r.o. Fantastic, education reading. I especially like that they bring up sustainable agriculture and gardening as a subject that needs to be introduced into the educational system at the lowest levels.

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Inequality in the “New Machine Age”

Amanda Richey

“My biggest worry is that we’re creating a world where we’re going to have glittering technologies in a kind of shabby society and supported by an economy that generates inequality instead of opportunity.” ~ Andrew McAfee

In Andrew McAfee’s 2013 TED talk,“What will future jobs look like?”, he discusses the potential and the challenges of the future economy that we are building with technology, what he calls the “new machine age”.

In this new age, most lower-skill and service industry jobs will be occupied by machines, leading to an increase in production and quality of goods and a decrease in prices. This will free up many people from drudgery and allow for more leisure time. And with this new-found freedom in schedules comes the potential for more discussion and dialogue about the problems in society.

However, replacing workers in blue-collar jobs – jobs that many middle and working class…

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Designing to Last: Worn Wear by Patagonia

Patagonia is known for their hardwearing clothing, but their philosophy goes past the adventures of the single explorer. They are celebrating the people that keep their Patagonia clothing for a lifetime, and even pass it down to the next generation.

This is something to be celebrated. Too many companies focus on obsolete products that will fail, require upgrades or become undesirable so that the buyer returns to hand over money for the next product release. Patagonia are making a name for themselves as a clothing brand to last. They draw an audience of people with mobile and hardy lives. Surfers, climbers, travellers and the like will invest in garments for a long-term cheaper wardrobe. Their success comes from a growing loyal customer network. As awareness grows, I hope companies will take on the ideologies of Patagonia, and improve peoples relationships with their possessions.

Stop throwing away. Don’t buy new if you don’t have to. Repair and treasure your purchases.

If it ain’t broke, Don’t replace it.

“I don’t know why everything isn’t better, because it would be better for everyone. Things are only made better for some people and worse for others”

Kenneth Grange came in to the Sky Space at the end of our work day yesterday for an informal Q & A. I sat with my notepad and pen and this quote called to be written down.
He went on to explain the issues he’s encountered opening water bottles as he has aged and his hand became arthritic. ‘Better’ design of the standard water bottle would aid those who currently struggle, but go unnoticed by those who don’t. Therefore making such a change standard would demolish the need for specialised (more expensive) models for the elderly.

This has an important message for designers. Design for the minorities…more the majorities. Make things everyone uses, usable for everyone!

Sir Kenneth Grange

Sir Kenneth Grange

Sketch Practice

I’ve been watching some youtube tutorials on sketching and professional product drawing. Posting these up here should help motivate me to keep up the motivation by having them somewhere they may be seen. Despite all the work on drawing in university time, I want to get ahead with my sketches for my ideas pages.

Here’s one of a few pages practicing shading and perspective with simple objects. photo

Innovation in Bedrooms

From an online article that popped up on my Facebook of all places, I have taken a few shots of great bedroom designs. The creators have thought differently in their approach, up-cycling or using light or unconventional materials, shapes and destinations to form rooms that provide a different experience entirely to the ordinary bedroom setup most of us have come accustomed to. With my dream to build my own house, I hope I can create a unique form and experience within each space, not just the bedroom.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.31.30

Outdoor living. After a glamping experience early this summer I am very much open to the idea of living under canvas. The owners of the Nest at Leewod Farm in Devon lived in their- more rustic- version of the above for a year, so they could add to it as they experienced the space. This made for a perfect outdoor space with everything we needed, from a living kitchen of woven trees to a Fatboy bean bag to cosy in and stargaze.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.31.55

The up-cycling of this boat is executed beautifully. Tantalising my love of all things seaside, this one-off boasts scraped used wood and suspension ropes. Taking a mental (and blog) note of this one.
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.32.29

The barrel cabin bed I believe has been constructed for this purpose. However, smaller versions for children could come from functional barrels, and it introduces the notion of making use of these wooden round spaces. Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.32.38

Hammock-ing a whole section of a rooms throws out conventions of a bedroom setup. It doesn’t have to be the bed, it could be a communal area; how great to watch a movie or have kids play on this soft, bouncy floor.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.32.48

A nest is a warm cosy place. It would feel safe and fun for children. The strips of material around the outside could be made from a whole host of reclaimed materials for the organic aesthetic. This would be true to the nature of nests too, as birds forage for their building materials.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.33.25Green house bedroom. It could be separate from the rest of the living and working space…down the bottom of the garden in the wilderness…a true sanctuary. I love this design, as I love the outdoors. Bringing the outdoors in (or vice versa) will always be central to my spacial designs as we are creatures of the earth after all and we must live to enjoy our environment.

Cow Power

moocowcolourI am currently researching into food production and climate change for my sustainable product design degree. Livestock are a huge contributor to greenhouse gasses and the issue is only increasing with rapid worldwide growth in meat consumption.  This very much highlights the issue of human consumption with disregard to the environmental impacts, and the decades of damage we have inflicted on our one home planet.

Some farmers, however, have been taking the responsibility to convert cow manure to renewable energy, preventing harmful methane from reaching the atmosphere. Along with reducing consumption, this is setting an example for the way food production should operate…making use of all resources, and not dumping harmful waste on the atmosphere/seas/landfill/preferred area for devastation! Large corporations please take note, move towards a more sustainable future.

PICTURE: My own colour edited relief print from a photo I took last spring during a stint lambing/calving in Stroud, Gloucestershire